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The organists

I have categorized the recordings according to the organists even though these recordings are also bearing testament to the instruments on which the organists are playing and many of these instruments we hear are either destroyed by time and changing taste or by rebuild.

The good thing about these floating playlists on Youtube is that I can arrange the recordings the way I want and I might in the future make some playlists highlighting specific organs such as the now lost Walcker organ in Sct. Michaelis Kirche in Hamburg, various Cavaille-Coll in their original form (such as Notre-Dame de Paris or Sct. Clotilde), or the Wanamaker organ from Philadelphia from the 1930s.


The repertoire the organists play also tell a significant history in itself and I might in the future make a playlist with a specific work such as the (in)famous Toccata and Fugue in D-minor, BWV565 since this work is so widely represented geographically and artistically.

I have placed the historical and technical data, e.g. the matrix and pressing numbers of the original 78rpms or LPs directly in the description of each of the corresponding Youtube videos.

I have in general maintained the original title from the label of the 78rpms which sometimes ends up in some rather peculiar English titles.

Note: Be sure to switch the Youtube-video to 720p or 1080p for the best sound quality.

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